Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science beneficial to mankind and all living beings. This shastra originated in ancient India and dates back to more than 5000 years. In Sanskrit, the word Vaastu means “dwelling place” and shastra translates to “science” or “teaching.”

Vaastu Shastra details the guidelines in architectural science, for designing and construction of any dwelling place for living beings with the help of simple and natural principles that governs the universe. The main aim of this science is to harmonise the effects of nature and shield from unfavourable eventualities.

Our homes and workplace are energized in very powerful ways when they are in sync with Vastu. Utilizing those spaces will not only increase productivity but also ensure mental wellbeing. This results in people leading healthy and joyful lives. There is overall wellbeing.

Vastu Shastra can harmonize all the different energies that play in our lives like the solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy etc. Vastu Shastra is a science that adjusts these energies to maintain harmony, peace, prosperity and glory. The same energies when not in harmony could cause negativities like stress, depression, bad luck, ill health.

Vastushastra Expert Shri Jaiwant Fondu Dhond

Shri Jaiwant Fondu Dhond (Jaban) is a very humble and polite person who has embodied the knowledge of Vastu Shastra. He was born in a middle-class family in Dabal, Goa on 12th May 1948. He grew up on Goa and Mumbai where he completed his formal education. He began his career with Blue Star ltd and later moved to Central Bank of India, Mumbai in their technical department. Working for someone did not interest Jaban for long – he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by taking up the sole service agency for all imported Blue Star products. He setup his business with Goa as the headquarters and showroom cum branch in Nagpur.

Shri Jaiwant is interested in study of Indian Shilpasastra. A major turning point in his life was when he came across the Sanskrit book Manasar – the popular and authoritative work on Vastu. He was hooked to this book, he read it several times and absorbed the book. He went on to translate Manasar into Marathi for the benefit of Marathi readers. He also translated few more Sanskrit treaties namely Mayamatam, Vishwakarmaprakash, Aparajitapruccha to Marathi. He is also author of Vastujagar which is a unique combination of more than 12 ancient architecture books from 4th centuries to 16 centuries. He is the first person to have introduced Vastu books in braille for the benefit of blind Vaastu students. Jaiwant has also published more than 500 articles in well-known journals and magazines.

Jaiwant is by far the most learned person in the field of Vastu and a popular and well recognized subject matter expert in the field of Vastu.Jaiwant is ever smiling – joyful and blissful human being – always ready to help people in need. To channelize his efforts towards society – he started a trust “Swa. Sau Smita Jaiwant Dhond Smriti Seva Pratisthan” to support the differently able community. He is also instrumental in bringing Nagpur based charitable NGO – SAKSHAM to Goa in 2009 to augment his social work.

Books written by Author


Jaiwant Fondu Dhond is an author of  Vāstujāgar. This book  is an unique combination of more than 12 ancient architecture books from 4th centuries to 16th centuries.

Publisher Jaismitā Vāstusādhanā Prakāśan, Goa.
Publication date 22 Dec. 2012
Author Jaiwant Fondu Dhond
Language Sanskrit-Marathi
Title page Paper binding
Package Dimensions 20.8 x 13.6 x 2 cm
Book length 407 pages
MRP Rs. 550

This is an unique compilation of more than 12 ancient architecture books namely Matsyapurāṇa, Bṛahat Saṁhita, Ṛgveda,  Purān,  Viśvakarmā Vāstuśāstra, Samarāṅgana Sūtradhāra, Rājvallabha of Maṇḍan, Mānasāra, Mayamatam, Aparājīta-pṛcchā, Viśvakarmā-pṛakāśa, Prāsāda Maṇḍana etc.


Mayamatam represents the universality of Vastu tradion. This text is belonging to the Dravidian school of Indian Architecture.

Publisher Jaismitā Vāstusādhanā Prakāśan, Goa.
Publication date 3 Aug. 2014
Author Jaiwant Fondu Dhond
Language Marathi
Title page Paper binding
Package Dimensions 21.5 x 13.8 x 2 cm.
Book length 407 pages
MRP Rs. 550

Mayamatam and Mānasāra texts belonging to the Dravidian school of Indian Architecture. So there is not much difference with what I have noticed in the one adduced from the Mānasāra. The tiles of chapters, their sequence and contents of Mayamatam and  Mānasāra are identical. Pl. refer description of Mānasāra (Swayamsthapati Part I, II, III)


Aparājīta-pṛcchā is also a manual on the science of architecture which may be regarded as one of the most representative texts of Indian architecture.

Publisher Jaismitā Vāstusādhanā Prakāśan, Goa.
Publication date 3 sept. 2017
Author Jaiwant Fondu Dhond
Language Marathi
Title page Hard binding
Package Dimensions 25.4 x 18.6 x 3.6 cm.
Book length 624 pages
MRP Rs. 1600
Description :

Aparājīta-pṛcchā contains 239 Sūtras. This is a another  manual on the science of architecture which may be regarded as one of the most representative texts of Indian architecture, sculpture and painting, fully representing the wide scope of Vāstuśāstra. Its dissertations on practically all the branches of Vāstuśāstra are not only copious and full but also unique in some respects as they add to our knowledge on many new topics like Prosody, Astrology and Music etc.

Manasar (Swayamsthapati part I) Marathi



Manasar (Swayamsthapati part II) Marathi


Manasar (Swayamsthapati part III) Marathi




Mungi udali Aakashi


Surrounding Vastu

Vastu Shastra tips for home suggests that colours can encourage our behaviour, and can set an atmosphere in the house. Avoid using black to paint your interiors and always opt for brighter colours like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to regulate positive

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House Vastu

House is the supreme and secured place where the resident can choose to stay with family, living happily. But for somebody, it’s the scariest place. What might be the reason which drives so crazy, frustrated? Residents are tormented in the home it is solely due

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Vastu Tips

Based on residents need many eminent scholars continuously study this subject and apply the solutions suitably. Unfortunately, some residents reading vastu books, after gaining knowledge at surface levels, start doing corrections and fell down into unseen depths. We value your time, keeping it in view,

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Office Vastu

Office, where the future dreams were realized with amazing services and minting money. This can improve placement of chairman chambers, staff, files rack, pantry, reception, etc. No doubt office is our life, where the genuine workflow appears to stick with success. Once the best pandit

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Factory Vastu

Factory for link explains how to build factories or industries, placement of machines, where to place the doors or gates, seating arrangements, labor quarters, placement of generators or electrical transformers, office for managing director or chairman, discussion chambers (meeting hall), cabins for staff, kitchen, dining

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फ्लॅटस्‌ संबंधीत वास्तुनियम

वाढती लोकसंखया आणि जागेच्या अभावामुळे फ्लॅटस्‌ स्कीमची आवश्यकता मोठ्या प्रमाणात वाढत आहे. एकाच बिल्डींगमध्ये अनेक फ्लॅटस्‌ असल्या कारणाने प्रत्येक फ्लॅटची आंतरीक आणि बाहेरील रचना वास्तुशास्त्रानुसार राहत नाही. काही बिल्डर स्वतःच्या फायद्याकरीता वास्तुशास्त्राच्या नियमाकडे दुर्लक्ष करुन फ्लॅटस्‌ निर्माण करतात आणि परिणाम स्वरुप फ्लॅटस्‌ धारकांना दुःख, त्रास,

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"Gaining knowledge is first step to wisdom. sharing it ,is the first step to Humanity."



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Experience Of People's

” Dhond sir is a Vaastu Expert par excellence. We first consulted him when we reached nothing but dead ends in our search for a property to build a home. We had been looking at several sites and nothing seemed to work. Dhond’s sir advice worked and within a few months we were proud owners of a plot. Yet, there seemed undue delays in all spheres of life. Dhond sir suggested we shift out current rented accommodation and helped us find a new place to invite positivity into our lives. This move has eased our life as pending aspirations began to succeed! I was pursuing my doctoral studies. Delays dogged my getting the degree. After moving into the new house, I received my degree. My husband had quit his job in the Middle East to venture into business. Unfortunately, the business had to be given up as it went into loss. He is now seeing new opportunities coming his way. ”

Name: Deepa Prajith
Location: Margao

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About Shri Jaiwant Dhond

Vision of Shri Jaiwant Dhond is to spread the positive knowledge of Vāstu to the common man and enable people to reap benefits of this ancient science. He has been studying ancient Indian Vāstu literature and practicing Vāstu, for over 3 decades.


Address(Goa): Jaiwant Fondu Dhond 11,Sheetal society,2nd floor,Behind cine lata,Madagon ,Goa.

Address(Mumbai): Mirage lifescapes,11th floor,Near Big bazar,senapati Bapat road,matunga road est,Mumbai

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